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Hurray it’s May! And doh, I’ve not got around to posting April’s #project366 blog post yet. Well, here it is in all its belated glory. Flowers, crafts and walks all included, along with a penguin and Laurel and Hardy for good measure.

April was an odd month. It started with a visit to see the penguins, then saw my other half standing outside a shop on Bexhill seafront all night for Record Store Day, before ending with the Tour de Yorkshire.

While my blogging may be a little tardy, I did finally get into the swing of posting a daily Instagram photo for #project366. As someone who loves photography, it is a great way of focussing your attention on the fine detail of everything around you. Seeing what you may not usually see – especially when it’s 11pm and you’ve not posted anything yet.

 One cannot be angry when one looks at a penguin
– John Ruskin

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a penchant for all things penguin. They are such comedy creatures which never fail to bring a smile to my face (see also, puffins). I have a spoon holder in the shape of a penguin, an expensive leather doorstop bought in Budapest years ago which is a penguin and two gifted pairs of Cath Kidston pyjamas which have, you guessed it, penguins all over them.

I took the penguin photo above with my iPhone 6S and of all the ones I took that day, including on my Canon SLR, it is my favourite. Sod’s law, eh? Goes to show that a good photo can be purely down to timing rather than equipment.

Fairlight, Hastings

I also paid my annual visit to pay respects to my mother, whose ashes we scattered on the Fire Hills of Fairlight, overlooking Hastings. Here, in 1999, we scattered her ashes alongside those of both her parents.

It’s a beautiful spot and we were rewarded with glorious sunshine, not to mention a view of France over the English Channel. It’s very much a place I go to touch base and far from one tinged with sadness.

Her name lives on as the name of a toy rat, which she gave my then-very young cousin shortly before she died. Helen The Rat. She’d be so proud.

Tour de Yorkshire

One of April’s highlights was thousands across the region turning out once again to watch Le Tour de Yorkshire. It was the second time this three-day race was held, after the great success of the Tour de France Grand Depart in 2014.

I went to Beverley to see stage one set off. It was cold, wet and everything the English weather is supposed to be. Yet the crowds remained unfazed, and the centre of Beverley was full of cycling fanatics, schoolchildren and well-wishers braving the rain. They were rewarded with a view of British cycling hero Bradley Wiggins, who ended up dropping out after stage one.

All in all, April wasn’t bad. Even if it took me a while to tell you about it.

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