Fishmonger At La Boqueria Food Market In Barcelona

Fishmonger at La Boqueria food market in Barcelona

Back in the London Olympic year of 2012, there was another great sporting triumph – when Manchester City snatched the Premier League title from their rivals Manchester United with two late goals against QPR.

What does this have to do with Barcelona? Well, my other half and I had two weeks off with City’s final match of the season slap bang in the middle of it. Ian was insistent we were in Manchester on that Sunday – and suggested we join his parents in Wales for the second week.

Now normally with a free fortnight, I’d suggest leaving Europe let alone the country. And Wales, as nice as it is, wasn’t going to cover it. So, Ian’s end of the bargain was agreeing to a few days in Barcelona first.

The Catalan capital lived up to expectations. We enjoyed some glorious spring sunshine, paid a visit to the remarkable-albeit-unfinished Sagrada Familia and, somewhat fittingly, took a tour of the Nou Camp football stadium. We also caught some rays on the beach, took in the views from the eclectic Park Guell and, as ever, did a LOT of walking.

But one of my highlights of any trip abroad is sampling the local delicacies and La Boqueria food market in the centre of Barcelona let me indulge my love of all things culinary. It was also fantastic for photography and we must have spent several hours there in total, snapping away while sampling the stalls.

This is one of my favourite pictures from it. I love the glossiness of the freshly-caught fish, the bright primary colours of the fish seller and the animation of the conversation. It symbolises everything that good food should be – fresh, inviting and enjoyed with others.

It was the perfect city break and we got back just in time for the last game of the season. Which, I suspect, is still the main thing Ian remembers that particular holiday for.

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