Monkeying Around In Malaysia – A Mother’s Love


Going through my Malaysia pics is a slow process. I came back with about 2,000 photos and I reckon a good 350 of those are of monkeys, if not more.

Macaque monkeys at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur

This photo is of a macaque monkey and her baby at the Batu Caves, just north of Kuala Lumpur. The Batu Caves are an important Hindu shrine, notable for its 272 steps and gigantic gold statue of Lord Murugan. Impressive enough in itself but for us the main highlight was the monkeys.

It’s hard to miss the mischievous creatures. They run up and alongside the steep steps, amusing and pestering tourists in near equal measure. One tried to swipe my bottle of ice tea from Ian’s shorts pocket, seemingly attracted by its bright yellow top.

Mischievous monkeys

Another freaked out a middle-aged lady who clearly wasn’t a fan and failed to realise waving a luminous orange plastic bag in the monkey’s direction wasn’t helping matters.

This pair of monkeys were very calm by comparison, sitting in a tree near the top of the steps by the entrance to the Dark Caves. It’s a picture of serenity – the mother has a protective arm around her baby and a gentle look in her eye, while her child clings to her. I like it because it’s got a human quality to it, not unlike a regular family portrait.

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