Autumn Stroll Around Eastrington Ponds

There’s something particularly beautiful about Autumn – the colours, the crisp air and the low sun that casts the most wonderful low shadows. 

I’m spending a lot of time at my desk at the moment, so I’m trying to make a point of breaking up my day with a walk.

Today I went to Eastrington Ponds – a local nature reserve with a large fishing pond, several wildlife ponds and a path down a disused railway line.

Former industrial site

Like other many other reserves in East Yorkshire, the ponds used to be an industrial site. Eastrington Brick Works used to stand at what is now the large pond and the rail trail was once the busy Hull-Barnsley line. 

The line, which used to transport coal from West Yorkshire pits to Hull docks, was closed in 1959 and the site was designated a Local Nature Reserve in 2002. 

Eastrington Ponds

The former Hull-Barnsley line

It was a lovely change from my usual walk and the low light made for some fantastic iPhone photos. 

For more details on Eastrington Ponds and other East Yorkshire nature reserves, click here.

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