10,000 Steps And A Barn Owl: An Evening Walk Around Howden

There are certain benefits of living in the countryside, the wildlife the most obvious of them. This spring, I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time outdoors and an evening walk is an excellent way to clear the head.

barn owl howden

I have just bought a Fitbit One. For those who don’t know, a Fitbit is an activity tracker which counts your steps, tracks your distance, tells you how many flights of stairs you’ve climbed and so many other things the National Security Agency would be proud of.

As I’ve been doing a lot of walking of late, I decided to invest in a Fitbit to keep track of how much I’m doing and improve my health generally. The daily target is 10,000 steps and, after setting up the device, I was a good 6,000 short for the day.

My friend – who had inspired me to get the Fitbit in the first place – was about 6,000 short of her daily target too. So off we went, around Howden Marsh and through the muddy fields – about 4km in total.

Swooping Into Sight

Being dusk, there was plenty of activity in the trees and brushes, with birds singing out of sight. I’ve learnt to identify robins by their bird song and keep being surprised by how many of them can be seen and heard, chirping in the trees.

But the highlight was seeing a barn owl. I’ve known there was one in the fields beyond the town for some time but have never seen it myself.

The barn owl swooped into sight just as we approached the fields. Its bright white wings making it stand out from the dusk-lit branches of trees and bushes. And for that moment, everything seemed just perfect.

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2 Responses to 10,000 Steps And A Barn Owl: An Evening Walk Around Howden

  1. I have my Fitbit too – feeling very smug after lots of walking round Cardiff this weekend, although that is offset by a much more sedentary average at home. A barn owl would be a great motivator!

    • taliena says:

      That’s what I got a FitBit for – to try and make up for sitting around at a computer all day. I’m amused by all the odd routes home I end up taking now, and I keep walking up and down our apartment block’s stairwell – despite living on the first floor. Want to be FitBit pals?

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