Lego City Advent Calendar 2015 – What’s Behind The Door Today?

When I was in my final year of university, my dad came to visit from Austria. With him he brought a Kinder Surprise advent calendar – as a joke.

It was a wieldy thing, the size of a DVD player, but, in the end, the joke was on him. My flatmates and I loved it, turned the various toys into decorations for a rather small student Christmas tree and I nagged him to post me one for years afterwards.

Sadly, the joy of Kinder Surprises has worn off somewhat as their multi-part toys got less interesting – health and safety, I suppose – and after decades of orange and white packaging, some big-wig decided that girls need pink and boys need blue. (The fact I’m now in my mid-30s is by the by.)

So the pleasure of advent calendars wore off… that is, until the arrival of the Lego advent calendar. Surprise? Check. Things to build? Check. Daily momentary lapse back to childhood? Check.

Once again we’ve settled for the Lego City advent calendar. I would have gone with Lego Star Wars personally but I appear to be going out with one of two people in the world ever who have not seen it.

And, true to form, I have once again nagged my father to buy me one. This time it was bought from Vienna airport and delivered to London. We then transported it back to Yorkshire and will take it back to Vienna for Christmas. Childish? Possibly. But if you can’t be childish at Christmas then when can you be?

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  1. Jo Rodgers says:

    We had Lego calendars for a few years until the children decided chocolate was a better investment – the best one was of some thieves raiding Santa’s sleigh and the police chasing them, complete with tiny Lego Santa and Christmas tree.

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