Beyonce Headlines Glastonbury 2011

Beyonce headlines Glastonbury 2011It took a fair amount of effort to get me to go to Glastonbury. Just ask my other half, who roped in the aid of two outdoor activity instructor friends to convince me that spending several days in a tent and the rain was a good idea.

And you know what? I absolutely loved it. Despite a rainy start, it ended up being a glorious weekend with great friends, food and music. I had a sauna in a yurt, made a clay figurine penguin and living out my teenage dream of seeing Pulp playing Common People live. I discovered Pieminister pies and ate a lot of vegetarian food. I saw some acrobats and ended up sitting around a stone circle in the early hours of the morning with my pal who was dressed as a bear. I also managed to live without a smartphone for a few days, which will come as a surprise to many of those who know me.

The weekend culminated in seeing Beyonce playing the Pyramid Stage. She absolutely nailed it too, despite the usual low expectations which seem to accompany any non-rock act signed up for the main stage.

I took this photo on a tiny Canon Ixus 105 camera, the batteries of which I managed to make last a full weekend – proof that even the most basic of cameras can still capture something wonderful with some gentle coaxing. It remains my most highly viewed photo ever on my Flickr page.  All in all, a fantastic end to a great few days.

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