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So March has been and gone and Spring truly has sprung. This month has been defined largely by spending time in the great outdoors and appreciating the amazing and varied landscape of Yorkshire. I’ve also eaten a lot of cheese.

March began with a surprise snowfall. We don’t tend to get much snow in East Yorkshire so even a brief flurry prompted me and my other half to run out with our cameras. Good Friday saw glorious sunshine, which was soon drowned out by torrential rainfall, hail and thunder.

Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Over Easter, we visited the North Yorkshire town of Masham (that’s pronounced Mass-am to the uninitiated). It’s famous for its rival breweries – Theakston and Black Sheep – which have a colourful shared history and some mighty fine beers.

Situated in Lower Wensleydale, at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, makes it a fantastic place for walking. Among the more curious places we discovered in the area was Hackfall Woods. At first glance, it looks like a natural wood but it is, in fact, a man-made landscape scattered with follies from the mid-1700s.

Then there was the Druid’s Temple, a Stonehenge wannabe with a supposed uncanny resemblance to a similar structure in Ireland’s Co Sligo. This too is thought to date back to the late 18th-century. We also paid a visit to the great Norman fortress, Richmond Castle.

Finally, we also paid a visit to Spurn Point on a rather blustery Easter Monday. This ever-changing spit of land juts out into the Humber Estuary and our major achievement of the day was not being blown out to sea.

Friends Forever

March also provided some great reminders of how wonderful friends can be. One pal gave me a lovely ornament inscribed with the words: “Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you feel and smarter than you think.” It’s a quote from Winnie The Pooh.

Then, while waiting in for an electrician, I got a surprise phone from two friends all the way from Australia. One I still regularly see but the other I had not seen since 1991. That, right there, is the beauty of Facebook.

My other half also added a new Pandora charm to my collection – a rather lovely silver fish with blue eyes. The fish represents ‘affluence’ and ‘abundance’ in Chinese mythology. It now sits quite happily next to my Buddha charm.

March has been a positive month and, indeed, Spring is a time of optimism. I’m looking forward to seeing what April brings as the days get longer and the air warmer.

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