North Cave Wetlands: Springtime At The Nature Reserve

North Cave Wetlands nature reserve is a former sand and gravel quarry in East Yorkshire which attracts a range of wetland wildlife.

Situated just off the M62 and run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, it is a wonderful place for a stroll thanks to a 2km perimeter path which runs around the site.

Two friends and I, myself armed with a camera and decent zoom lens, visited in early April. We were rewarded with some glorious springtime sunshine, a pleasant stroll and a chance to see a little bit of Yorkshire none of us were previously aware of.

“A robin feathering his nest, has very little time to rest…”

Birds are not my strongest area of expertise but one little fella we could all readily identify. A rather cheeky robin in a hedge attracted our attention with his chirpy and distinctive bird song.

When my friend and I tried to sneak up to take his picture, he surprised us by jumping on to a closer branch and continuing to chirp away. We even got close enough to see the vibrations in his throat as he sang.

North Cave Wetlands robin


I paid a visit to the reserve with another pal a week later. He knows a lot more about birds so in that regard, it was a much more informed visit.

This time, it was dusk and in addition to seeing a heron take to the skies, we saw a redshank, an oystercatcher and a lapwing.

We were also treated to the most stunning of sunsets – a hazy amber sky which gave way to beautiful pink and purple hues.

But I must confess, it wasn’t the birds on the second visit which attracted my attention but these mighty fine beasts…

North Cave Wetlands highland cows

Highland cows

After all, who can fail to smile upon seeing a Highland cow.

For more information, visit North Cave Wetlands. The reserve is on Dryham Lane a short drive from Junction 38 of the M62/A63.

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  1. Dave Patrick says:

    A fantastic reserve being developed by a local man and his team with lots of foresight. only possible because of Steven’s vision 15+ years ago and the partnership with Humberside Aggregates which operates the quarry,
    It even plays a major part in taking flood water from Townend Lane (the access from South Cave) at a potential pollution cost which we designed, engineered and constructed with assistance from the sand quarry operator.

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